About me

Every creation represents it's creator! 

My expression in a form of art is a complex reflection of nowdays unfound addiction that our society is craving for. I like to work with deep and complex relations : Beauty - discipline, Values - Illusions - Downfall, Duality, Evolution.

I graduated bachelor in Psychology and studied Masters in Cognitive science. My interest in those sciences was mostly about investigating human's emotions. I basically am the definition of divergent. I make my own cosmetics (creams, soaps), I write books and poems, I draw, I paint, I cook.

After years in psychology and social care I decided to go back to my original passion and dive in the world of emotions in a visual way. 

My art is not just about emotion. It is about the power of emotion. My art is not just about the mind, it is about the depth of the mind. In this era of more and more rules and restriction the only freedom and escape we have left is in our minds.But what is the mind without the heart? A machine without an engine. ©

Do not fear, because only the smarter cage can create a smarter fugitive! ©

 We are at the dawn of a new era and I like to raise questions about it. I like to paint my questions and visions on the matter.

I pick a subject that represents something for me and I create a piece or a whole collection. 

Without the wind of desires the mind has no motivation. You can live either motivated by fear, or motivated by desire. I create my art to help people connect with their desires and not with their fears.