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Last 10 books I read

1. The Invisible Rainbow - Arthur Firstenberg (Paper) - A MUST! 2. Quantum Psychology - Isaac Betanzos (Audible) 3. Man's search for meaning - Viktor E. Frankl (Audible) 4. Herbal Antibiotics - Mary Jones (Audible) 5. The Ultimate book of optical illusions - Al Seckel (Paper) 6. 1984 - George Orwell (Paper) 7. Memoirs of a geisha - Arthur Golden (Paper) 8. Technology of the Gods - David Hatcher  9. Dr Mary's monkey - Edward Haslam (Audible) 10. Ageless - Andrew Steele  

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How I take care of my skin

For those of you that know me, it is not a secret that I used to sell and produce cosmetics. I was Bioplante's representative for Bulgaria. As a real divergent I have always been several things at once. Psychologist, Artist, Writer, Cosmetic lover.....and most of all TRUTH seeker! Quite often people ask me how I take care of my skin as I do not use botox or fillers. Well i use masks 4 times a week (mostly homemade, but I also have some favorite brands). I use organic or natural cosmetics and trying to eat as healthy as possible. And yes I do have a cheat day! Also...exfoliate 1-2 times a week.  Me in my cosmetic shop before I relocate...

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